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They Say I am a Ritualist – Kenya’s Richest Female Musician

There is no doubt that one of Kenya’s richest musicians, Esther Akothee is talented, hardworking and a super mum. However,  the single mother of five have been dogged with rumours that she got her wealth from old men (sponsors) and that she is a member of a cult and Illuminati.

On her social media page,  she is constantly posting photos of her luxurious homes, expensive cars,  first class travel around Europe and her business ventures including a transport company.

Taking to her social media page today,  she slammed those, who are still insisting that she made her wealth from sponsors (a coinage for sugar daddies) and men who call her a prostitute because she is a single mother. Read her post below:

“I can courageously walk into my parents compound and park my big car infront of their house without any guilt , I can slay and travel business class knowing my parents are sleeping in a cool place , I might seem mad to you , but just know this idiot is too sharp and focused in life, loosers will say am proving a point , cowards will say  am a ritualists, unlucky ladies will say money from sponsors , Lazy men will call me a prostitute for having children & failed relationships ,  never mistake knowledge for wisdom , am too wise to live a fake life , this is me, take me or live me , you are allowed to be proud of your accomplishments and admire your efforts , if you feel am bragging then just wait , I havent offended you yet , there is nothing to brag about here , I havent arrived in my comfort zone , when I will land there! then you will know that I have surely arrived , the rate at which I will brag even God knows! thats why its taking too long to reach  there , Even Amerka will know that maskini amepata.. nitawasumbua mpaka panadol ziishe kwa duka most men carry bundles of money to seduce women in the club , they drive big cars and living in mansions in runda, lavington etc ,  but have no idea of where their parents live , this kind of men carrying loads of money in clubs dont entertain me at all ,because money stays in the bank or on investements , men with money look broke in the clubs because they know the value of money , this spraying money in clubs are broke niggas , tell them to take you to their village you want to say hi to their parents , sijataja mutu, kama hayakuhusu usiyasome , kama yatakukera pia pole , kila mtu angangane na hali yake

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